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Need help reaching your fitness and health goals? employs specialists who are expert personal trainers with various degrees and qualifications in exercise science.

Working with a certified personal trainer allows you to achieve results quickly, safely, and more effective than working out on your own. Our trainers will create a results-oriented and time-efficient workout designed specifically to match your needs. Our team is carefully selected to provide a range of creative and traditional training styles., Our “Personal Trainer” service is here to help anyone of any age or degree of fitness. If you have any health issues that may be improved, with the support of a personal trainer, we have you covered. will create the perfect, personalized program to fit your needs and your health goals.

We specialize in the following:
  • Fat/Weight Loss 
  • Strength training
  • Sport-specific training
  • Backcare
  • Getting the job done
Combined with a personal commitment from you, personal training will:
  • Help you train safely and effectively
  • Provide encouragement and motivation
  • Help you set & achieve your goals
  • Provide new program/training ideas

I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals. No Gimmicks, just real honest, friendly customer service, and innovative and evidence-based practice.

Let me help you develop an individualized exercise regimen, based on your fitness assessment and goals, which will not only be challenging, but exciting.

All personal training clients receive monthly progress reports outlining your improvements, goals, and progress in the previous month. So if you are looking for someone to work alongside you to reach your health and fitness goals, call the “BURNFITBODY.COM” team at 541- 514-9448 to make an appointment and have a look at our facility.